List Of Compelling Research Paper Topics About Psychology

Psychology may be one of the most interesting, yet misleading areas of study in academia, however, its pursuance is absolutely necessary for the human race. Through this study, we have learned many things about our behavior, helping us to better understand and interact with each other, especially across cultural barriers.

Though the results are often misleading, psychologists carry out countless research projects every year and there seems to be no end to the list of studies that are waiting to be conducted. When selecting a research topic, you can make your life easier by selecting one that you enjoy working with, as well as one with practical goals. The following list will provide you with 15 compelling research topics about psychology for you to consider:

  1. Are people who like cats, less likely to like dogs?
  2. How are parents able to keep smiling when they have an autistic child?
  3. Should autistic persons be considered normal and their traits simply accepted into society?
  4. What would the world be like if all persons were born perfect?
  5. How does the average person determine self worth when they are no more than one in 7 billion?
  6. What is it like to be a different animal?
  7. Why do we consider questions that have no direct bearing on our lives?
  8. What would be our views on civilized culture if Africa had invaded Europe and won?
  9. How accurate are doctors when they prescribe treatments to patients that involve mood altering drugs?
  10. What are the effects of substance abuse on a person that has no choice but to use the drug because of a medical condition?
  11. How does behavior therapy affect the freedom of a person to develop into themselves?
  12. Should the death penalty be awarded to perpetrators of child abuse crimes?
  13. Is premenstrual syndrome a cause form concern when awarding women positions of authority in society?
  14. Why are chronic gamblers unable to quit the habit even though it is clearly ruining their lives?
  15. What is the science behind the existence of specific phobias that are clearly no threat to persons afflicted with the condition?
  16. If personality disorders could be identified from a young age, would it be right to end the life of the person afflicted?
  17. What can be considered a sexual disorder?
  18. How does the entertainment industry affect a man’s ability to find a woman capable of being a good wife and mother?

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