How To Use A Sample While Writing A Research Paper In Psychology

Most, if not all, psychology research papers in school should be written adhering to the citation and formatting rules of the APA. This isn’t always easy for students to understand, especially when psychology courses are being taken just to fill a requirement or when students are getting into psychology for the first time. One of the best techniques for learning how to write a great research paper in psychology is to use a well-written sample as guide. Here’s how you can benefit from this exercise:

  • Review the Structure and Create an Outline
  • Once you have gotten your hands on a well-written research paper in psychology you should set it on the table and take hard look at its structure. Even though you are writing on a different topic, you should structure you research paper similarly to the sample you have before you. Create an outline that mirrors the structure of the sample and you should have an easier time organizing the components of your own assignment.

  • Analyze the Major Components of the Paper
  • Next, take a look at the major components of the psychology research paper sample. Within each of the main sections you will find a number of paragraphs with topic sentences, original ideas, supporting evidence, transitional sentences, and so on. Take note at how easy it is to understand complicated information by the way it is logically presented by good writing. Start filling in similar phrases in your outline so that you have a solid visual structure for your research paper.

  • Look for the Small but Important Details
  • You may be familiar with the phrase “the truth is in the details” and this is exactly what you should keep in mind when looking at the sample. In addition to the major components listed above you will notice that sentences connect with one another by using carefully placed transitional phrases or words. A well-written research paper should never use superfluous or “filler” statements to reach a word count. Make every word count in your assignment.

  • Start Writing Your Own Psychology Assignment
  • Finally, start writing the first draft of your psychology research paper. Don’t stop to think too much about coming up with the perfect phrase or impressive diction; just keep writing the exact thoughts that come into your mind as you move from one idea to the next. Refer to your outline constantly and keep reminding yourself that you will have the opportunity to make improvements at a later stage.

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