Advice To Help You Compose A Winning Research Paper In Statistics

The primary thing to consider while composing a research paper on statistics is data. Statistics basically deals with data analysis. Statistics is a subject that is of prime importance at the moment. We need a statistic for everything. You want to buy soap, check user ratings. You wish to move to a neighborhood, check crime statistics. The top organizations, the government runs on statistics. Nothing can operate without this subject. The need for academic research in this area is crucial. If you've decided to write a research paper on this, here's how to make it the best.

  • Choose a topic
  • Choose a topic that is of contemporary importance. Nobody wants to know about what happened in the past. It's all about here and now. The topic you decide to write your paper on will decide to a great extent if you will get a good grade or not. If you choose a bad topic, the whole paper becomes bad and your grades go down. Choose a topic that is practical and has utility. 

  • Data gathering
  • Because it is statistics, your research will primarily involve gathering of data. Gather data from the Internet but do cross check it with official records, just in case. A good way to make your paper stand out is to get data personally. Say you are working on the poverty of an area, go that area and actually visit the people and find things out. Double, triple check your data. Data should be the focal point in the paper.

  • Analysis
  • Statistics is about data analysis so obviously your supervisor will expect you to present a detailed analysis of the data you've accrued. Read up on the methods of analysis or ask your supervisor. An accurate analysis is what makes your grade go high. The body of your dissertation will contain the analysis. Without the analysis the data will hold no meaning, they will only be a set of numbers.

  • Presentation
  • Try to include as many graphs as possible. Visual representation always fetches better grades. Try to keep your language succinct, don't digress. Usages of flowery and redundant language will only lead to more errors and lower your grades. Support every argument that you put forward with data. All the data has to be written in a particular fashion. Stick to the format that has been provided. Provide as many data tables as you can because it helps the reader to go over the data at a glance.

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