A List Of Up-To-Date Research Paper Topics Related To Computer Science

Computer science deals with the different aspects involved in computer use and development. Naturally, this makes this topic quite popular among young people and with good reason, they are growing into a world that is increasingly dominated by computers for just about every aspect of daily life. Choosing to study computer science is not a bad career choice.

When writing a research paper, it is necessary to carefully plan your actions and this planning must begin from the very first step, the selection of a topic. Despite being a seemingly insignificant step, a bad topic selection can mean failure for a writer so it must be avoided at all cost. To help you with this, I have provided you with a list of up-to-date research paper topics on computer science for your consideration:

  1. Can we realistically expect to experience using stable quantum computers during our lifetime?
  2. Is there any point at which increasing computer speed will make no difference to us, in terms of computer performance?
  3. How significant is the impact of computers on the point of sale industry?
  4. Could we really create a self replicating, artificially intelligent robot, with the capacity to over throw the human race and take over the planet?
  5. Should computer engineers pay more attention to computer ergonomics than they currently do?
  6. Will we ever run out of ways to improve our programming algorithms?
  7. Why are we still so far from being able to use computers to factorize numbers into prime numbers?
  8. What are the major obstacles standing in the way of creating smart machines that are able to adapt to their environment and react accordingly?
  9. How far are we from being able to integrate computers into our body to enhance our abilities?
  10. Why are we not able to incorporate more computer aids in the education systems, despite the obvious benefits this will provide?
  11. Are we at risk of developing complete reliance on computers to the point where computer failure could mean our extinction?
  12. Will we ever be able to completely secure computer activities, so we can be completely safe from hackers and malicious software?
  13. What is the most challenging aspect of creating a fully functional, artificial intelligence?
  14. What are the technical issues that prevent us from being able to create a fully functional, quantum computer?
  15. What would it take for a new technology to completely replace computers as the main processing and calculating machines?

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