Controversial Topics For Your Research Paper: Writing On Condoms In High School

When it comes to writing about condoms, many people will consider any topic to be controversial, particularly those who hold religious beliefs relating to contraception. In fact, some people would suggest that children should not be writing about such things as part of high school essays. Nevertheless, in the 21st century, children do tend to write about a wide range of different topics, which means that not everyone will necessarily always find them suitable.

In order to think of an interesting a controversial topic for a research paper, you may wish to consider a variety of different subjects relating to sex, pregnancy, the spread of STIs, and a wide range of other issues.

One thing to be aware of is that it is best not to try and think of topics that the shocking simply for the sake of it, but rather it is a good idea to choose topics that have some academic merit in their own right, and will be worth spending your time and effort researching and writing about.

For a list of ideas that you may wish to consider, the following outlines a range of different suggestions.

  • In an effort to reduce teenage pregnancy, as well as the spread of sexually transmitted diseases, should condoms be supplied to underage people in schools?
  • Considering what we know now about sexually transmitted diseases - including AIDs - is the Catholic Church’s view on contraception, including the use of condoms, out-dated and dangerous?
  • Should children be shown how to use condoms whilst at school and, if so, at what age should the instructions be given?
  • Considering the benefits to society of contraception, is that any logical reason why condoms are considered in any way a taboo subject?
  • Should health clinics provide condoms free of charge?
  • Whose duty should it be to have a condom in the event of sexual intercourse: the man or the woman?
  • Considering a condom is designed to prevent procreation, in the eyes of God, our condoms equally as bad as abortion?
  • What liability should be placed upon condom companies in the event that one splits or fails to prevent a pregnancy from occurring?
  • Should individuals who knowingly have sexually-transmitted diseases be subject to legal punishments in the event that they have sex without wearing a condom and without disclosing any conditions that they may have?
  • Discuss the morality of condom use

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