How To Compose An MLA Style Research Paper For A Biology Class?

Composing your research paper for your biology class in the MLA format might be a bit difficult since most of the times, biological publications follow scientific citation. However, it is not impossible and you can follow a few helpful points in order to stick to the format. You need to understand, however, that the quality of your content is of the utmost concern.

Discussing the Basic Format

In a biology paper, it is recommended that students write the argument of the subject after they have completed the introduction. Try to stick to the MLA style format and you will get an idea of how to proceed. Your instructors should provide you with an explanation of the type of write-ups they expect to see in the syllabus. If you have any sort of confusion, it is best if you clear it up with your instructor. They might be able to guide you and see whether you are correctly following the MLA format or not.

Mind Your Language

  • When writing your biology research paper in the MLA format, you should stick to the associated stylistic and grammatical conventions.
  • You should never make an active effort to make your content more scientific sounding since the passive voice is not supported in MLA.
  • Make sure you do not use any complicated phrases since that tends to make the paper sound weird.
  • If you remove these phrases and recast passive clauses in the active voice, you will notice a dramatic improvement in the overall quality of your paper. You may use first person pronouns.

Using Sources in the Paper

Any student writing a biology paper should try not to quote their sources directly. However, there are certain exceptions to this rule. A few key phrases or a description of a possible phenomenon might be allowed. However, the large scale use of quotes from various sources need to be avoided. In MLA format, you might use quotes every two pages or so.

Focus on the Nuances

No matter what the subject in biology, your paper should have a clear and logical argument. It needs to be developed in a logical fashion and you have to support your findings with relevant details gathered from primary sources. The language should consist of direct and clear prose. Your content should be the culmination of material derived from various authors and other primary sources. Special focus must be on the conclusion, which needs to be meaningful and pertinent to the subject matter of the paper.

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