Ideas To Use In Your Research Paper On Language And Literature

In today’s era of science and technology, the culture of the liberal arts is a dying breed. Science has been receiving topmost priority in the field of education ever since it was realised by all the major nations that scientific advancements guarantee their superior position in world politics. However, subjects like language and literature, although flying under the radar for the time being, is a vital aspect of both life, in general, and education, in particular.

  • Choosing a good topic
  • The most important choice that a student of language and literature has to make before beginning his or her research paper is the choice of topic to write on. There is an abundance of worthy topics in the field, such as the likes of:

    • The disintegration of regional languages and their replacement by the English language.
    • How has the colonial reign of Britain helped in establishing English as the universal norm, in terms of language usage? How and why has the trend survived in the postcolonial world?
    • The impact of folklore on modern day literary works.
    • How did the two major wars influence a change in the field of language and literature?
    • Beat poetry and the emergence of colloquial representation in literature.
    • The impact of the black rights movement on American literature. How did this movement promote the elimination of racially abusive slurs from the practical dictionary?
  • Meticulous and thorough background work
  • Conducting thorough research work is a must while opting to write thesis papers. This is because the data collected forms the base on which the remnant of the paper will be constructed, and if the base is weak, then the paper will not turn out too good either. The student must keep this in mind and look at this part of the project as an excellent way to brush up on general knowledge about the subject.

  • Keeping the global appeal in mind
  • Language is a way of life throughout the globe and the study of linguistics is a much discussed subject. Similarly, literature is also a much opted for subject all across the world. Hence, while writing the dissertation paper, the student must bear in mind the fact that his or her paper should appeal to a global audience and not just to a limited community or class of people.

  • Following the guidelines
  • It is imperative for the students to follow the school or university guidelines while writing a thesis as many schools and colleges are rather strict about it. This includes formatting style, choice of font and font size, and other such procedural formalities.

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