How To Compose A Good APA Style Research Paper On Bullying

There has been a much greater emphasis on the rights of others in this century than any that preceded it. This means that behaviors that were once acceptable in school and other environments are now considered ‘shaming’ and/or bullying. This has created a great avenue for research of a psychological nature. Chances are that if you’re reading this article you have decided that you would like to write a paper on the subject. Here’s how:

  • Get a firm understanding of the APA style
  • Buy or borrow the style guide. It will explain things to you that you might not have found out in as much detail from any other source. It is preferable for you to purchase the book so you will always have access to it but if that’s simply not an option to you, borrowing will still be helpful.

  • Read some previously written papers
  • These do not need to be on bullies or bullying but it can help. Think a little more broadly. If you can find some other papers that have been excellently formatted on other aberrant behaviors you can just copy the general style for your own work.

  • Brainstorm a great topic
  • There are many ways that you can look at this general topic. What makes a person become a bully? How are victims selected? What elements of an institution make it more likely to develop dangerous cliques and hazing rituals? These are all questions that can become topics in the right hands.

  • Interview bullies
  • This step may not be suited to all topics but it can help you even before you get started. The answers that you get in these interviews may point you to one of the reasons that people lash out at others. The results may surprise you.

  • Interview victims
  • This may help you to learn the effects of childhood bullying on adults. For some the experience can lead to greater resilience, for others it may cause deep emotional scars that take decades of therapy to heal. A large enough sample size may show you why.

This topic is close to many people’s hearts and by looking into it from a research standpoint you have the power to find meaningful solutions that may be applied in many different environments. This could save many people both potential bullies and victims alike from a destructive cycle.

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