How To Set Up An MLA Format Research Paper Title Page

The Modern Language Association is responsible for the creation of the academic writing style known as MLA. If you have completed any projects in the humanities you have probably used it before just as Psychology majors use the APA and those specializing in business studies more often use the Chicago style.

This style requires a title page that has clear specifications. If you want to set yours up properly, here are some invaluable steps you should take:

  • Read the MLA style guidelines
  • As with other formats there is a style guide that explains everything you are expected to include in a paper. These standards are set in stone so try to get the most recent version. It is best to purchase your own copy but if this is not possible you can borrow one from a friend. If nobody you know owns it, check the nearest library on campus.

  • Gather as many perfect sample papers as possible
  • Having read the rules that the style guideline contains, it would help you even more if you could see what they look like on an actual title page. This requires you to access many sample papers. Some parers are not accessible to people who are not members of a paying site. Fortunately, since your focus is on the first page, you may acquire that preview at no charge. You can also get samples from your tutor or professional writing services such as

  • Use your samples to help you understand
  • While referencing the style guide, look at your papers and try to match the rules with the places where you see them being followed. It may seem silly but it will help.

  • Acquire a template
  • This is the easiest way to finish your title page. Templates walk you through where every piece should go very slowly and carefully so you can hardly make any mistakes. The biggest problem you might face is accidentally using an APA or Chicago style formatted template but you can avoid this by being vigilante.

  • Get assistance in checking for errors
  • You might be able to do this last part on your own but having help makes it easier to pick up those mistakes you stopped seeing hours ago when your energy drink wore off.

After a while this will stop seeming hard at all. That point comes sooner if you try some out just to get some practice.

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