Inspiring Ideas For Writing A Research Paper About A Decision Making Process

Making the decision to write a research paper is a serious one, one must consider many factors when deciding to undertake a project as this one. One cannot imply compile information, attach meaning to it and proceed to prove to the world that whatever they declare in the paper, must be true. This practice must adhere to many rules and regulations, as well as the scrutiny and trial by their fellow peers in the field.

Decision making is part of our everyday lives and, admittedly, not everyone is very good at it. This is quite evident when you consider how many regrets people often talk about, the things they would do differently if given the chance and other expressions, along similar lines. The following short points will provide you with some ideas to help you write a research paper about a decision making process:

  1. What do you want
  2. Since this is a study on the decision making process, you should first consider what you want. Consider the factors that contribute to this desire, how you intend to acquire what you want and how feasible will this course of action be.

  3. What are your options
  4. Now that you have established your desire, what are the options available to you? Yes your wants are quite different from your options and this is a serious point to consider. Will limitless possibility affect your decision or would you still make the same decision if you could have anything else?

  5. What are the pros
  6. What are the benefits, to you, should you acquire exactly that which you desire? Can you consider long term effects on yourself as you make your decision, without straying towards your desired outcome, in ignorance of reality?

  7. What are the cons
  8. There is a flip side to everything, including every decision you make. How can you possibly be negatively affected by the choice you make? Is there any way to be certain? What if you would have made a better decision if you had information that was available, just not available to you at the time? Should this be considered when making your decision?

  9. What do you want
  10. Now that you have considered the possibilities, do you still want the same thing you did at the start of the exercise? If you wish to reconsider, could you describe your state of mind at the beginning, when you made you initial choice? How is you perception of the subject different now?

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