Choosing Interesting Research Paper Topics Regarding Autism Spectrum Disorder

Autism, the disorder wherein a child, appears to have the world on his own. This disorder is commonly misinterpreted by parent and assumes that their child simply doesn’t notice them, but that is not the case. The parents will often be the first to notice, and their course of action must first check if the child has the disorder or not to narrow down what is wrong with the child. So today we will be discussing topics regarding Autism for you research paper.

  • Suggestion 1: The disorder itself
  • Topics regarding autism spectrum disorder or ASD are still ongoing, research that is being performed will serve as stepping stone to further understand autism. Your paper can be about the disorder itself, and your paper can contribute to the understanding of Autism.

    You can also state that subject that has ASD will also have different patterns on how they would behave and act. There are some with cases of the development of the subject began at their birth or maybe after a few months, and that alone could serve as your entire thesis

  • Suggestion 2: Talk about the cause
  • There are multiple causes to why there is autism, but the most common causes can be located in the genes of the child. Since the cause varies from one person to the other, that can be used as your second topic.

    Finding out what causes the disorder is sometimes the key to solving on how we can prevent it from happening to another subject as well. As mentioned before, any and all research done on ASD can help benefit the future studies conducted to help solve the root of the problem, and it can help stop it from further developing.

  • Suggestion 3: Talk about the symptoms and how to adapt or treat
  • Now this is something that is mostly recommended for parents to read. It is not the child’s fault to have autism, and he should not be the target of the parent’s anger or discrimination due to his disability. Explain the symptoms in such a way that people would better understand the situation of the child and help them adapt to a way that would let them better connect with the subject.

And with that, those are the suggestions I have in the creation of your topic. Just remember, autism requires the attention of not only the parent but everyone else in the world. It is everyone’s job to know and understand what Autism is not something to be angry at especially for those with short tempers. It is our job to explain and let them understand how we should treat the disorder.

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