How To Write An MLA Style Biology Research Paper

Having to submit their research paper in a different style can be very tedious. However, this does not have to be the case because there are many ways for you to find a custom term papers for sale and format it according to the different styles that your instructor may want you to do. Here is a set of tips that can help you write a Biology paper using the MLA style.

  1. Settings
  2. Initially, you have to set your research document in such a way that it will have 1-inch margins as well as double spacing and a 12 point font style. This will be uniform all across the paper itself. You should also be able to use times new roman as your basic font.

  3. Headers
  4. Next, you have to focus on the page header. This header includes the name of the document as well as the page number, which should be placed in the upper right-hand corner of every page. Been running headers should also appear alongside the page numbers. It should begin on the second page of every document.

  5. Title Page
  6. After this, you can write your title page. You should include the assignment information as well as the title itself. Remember to include your name, your professor’s name as well as his will that you have enrolled in for this class. This way, your document will be easily identifiable for sure. It should be centered properly and follow the correct number of lines. (35 lines down for the title, and double spaced lines for your name and subsequent details.)

  7. Citations
  8. You should also write citations without commas in between the author and that page number. In addition to this, there should be no periods and commas placed outside of the quotation marks. This will make the work look more formal for sure.

  9. Published Work List
  10. The citations for the list of published works should be done as follows: it to be alphabetically listed using the author’s name for reference. In addition to this, you should not follow the order of quotes as they appear in your paper when listing published works.


Having these guidelines will give you the basic understanding of what an MLA format ought to look like. I hope that you will be able to follow these guiding points and make a formal document that will pass your Biology professor’s taste in the future. Having this as your guide will be the best decision that you will have made in terms of writing your own research paper in the future.

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