A Collection Of Original Research Paper Topics

Are you sick and tired of writing about boring issues in your college research papers? Are you allowed to pick the topic yourself this time? Great! This is a unique opportunity to reach your full potential as a writer. Impress your teacher by choosing a new and original topic for your project.

How to Create an Original Research Paper Topic

  • Visit any video-sharing website.
  • Thousands of fresh videos are uploaded daily in the places like these, and the majority of them cover truly fascinating topics on a vast variety of subjects. Look through the videos in your field of interest and you’ll definitely come up with some new and engaging topic ideas.

  • Read recent news.
  • Learn about the newest developments in science, technologies, education, etc. If you are intrigued by a particular topic, explore it deeper in your research paper.

  • Look through available topic collections on the Web.
  • Search by keywords to get the topics. You may also visit the site of any professional writing company and check it out in search of past research papers and the newest topic collections by professional writers.

Unusual Research Paper Topics to Choose From

  • Wet wipes: are they environmentally friendly? What are the dangers involved?
  • BPA: what is it? Why is BPA harmful to human health? Are BPA free products really that safe?
  • Sustainable communities: our future or a hoax? What should be done to create a truly sustainable city?
  • Poverty nowadays: what are the signs that a person is poor? How does the poverty affect different aspects of life, including physical health, behavior, the world outlook, etc.?
  • Business in social media: how can one earn money through the social networking websites?
  • Teenagers and social media: how does the use of social media affect teens’ self-esteem?
  • Advertising for children: are children prepared for the pressure of advertising? Should the advertisements of kids’ products be banned?
  • Education in different cultures: what strong and weak points can you observe in the educational methods of different countries? Is it possible to unite the best features of each culture in a perfect educational system?
  • Positive thinking: is it a scam? Why do so many people fall for the practice and what are the dangers involved?
  • School behavior problems: why do children misbehave in class? What strategies can be applied to handle the situation?

Any of the aforementioned ideas can make a great and original topic for your research project. Any of them can prompt a new direction for your paper. To make the right choice, you should just consider your interests and think broad.

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